Provest Danışmanlık, 2008 yılında, kamu, özel sektör ve sivil toplum kuruluşlarına yönelik yönetim sosyo-ekonomik gelişim başta olmak üzere geniş alanda danışmanlık hizmeti vermek üzere kurulmuştur.


Provest Danışmanlık sivil toplum kuruluşlarının Avrupa'daki emsalleriyle entegrasyonunu kuvvetlendirmeyi amaçlamaktadır.


Provest Danışmanlık aynı zamanda;


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About Provest


Provest Consulting, established in 2008, offers a wide range ofconsultancy Services especially governance and socio- economic development consultancy for government institutions, CSOs and private sector. Provest aims to strengthen the integration ofthe Turkish civil society organizations into the European counterparts.


  • Provest also contributes to increasing avvareness and consciousness among society tovvards EU's common values, policies and fundamental human rights.

  • Provest strives for creating awareness addressing even to the smallest elements of society about issues as maintenance of social justice,equal opportunity and prevention  of discrimination based on religion, national origin,race, color,or gender.

  • Provest is also supporting EU’s focus on cross cutting issues such as democracy,human rights, environmental sustainability and gender equality.

  • Provest is providing support in social and economic development areas acting as value transfer agent between EU institutions and Turkey,as well as strengthening technical and administrative capacities of enterprises to function effectively and compete wiht local and international competitors.

  • Through continuous expansion of its expert pool,Provest aims to hold the widest thorough expertise while addressing  all geographical locations wiht up-to-data technical assistance in all areas of social,economic and technological fields.